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Introduction: Teaching/Editing

Kim Solga

Présentation : Pédagogie et édition

Kim Solga


On Teaching Kim’s Convenience: Asian American Studies, Asian Canadian Studies, and the Politics of Race in Asian Canadian Theatre and Performance Studies

Colleen Kim Daniher

La question du « réel et son double » dans les créations théâtrales au secondaire

Monique Hamel

Through the Fictive to the Real(ish): Affective Time and the Representation of “Real Newfoundland” in Rising Tide Theatre’s Trinity Pageant

Kelsey Jacobson

Accuracy and Ethics, Feelings and Failures: Youth Experimenting with Documentary Practices of Performing Reality

Kathleen Gallagher, Scott Mealey, and Kelsey Jacobson


Roles of Theatre in Higher Education: Liberal Education and University Theatre Programs in Canada

Glen Nichols

An Informal Assessment of Twenty-First-Century Skills Developed Through Hidden Curriculum in Theatre Studies

Claire Carolan

Dramaturgy for Digital Natives

Justin A. Blum

Drama and the Liberal Arts at the University Level: Connecting Present, Past, and Future

Moira Day

Liberal Education, Entrepreneurship, and the Law

Shelley Scott

Master of All Domains? Constructively Aligning Theatre and Learning

James McKinnon

Reporting from the Post-Margins: Cultural Diversity as Theatrical Practice

Natalie Alvarez and Ric Knowles (with Sue Balint and Peter Farbridge)

Book Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Richie Wilcox, ed.Daniel MacIvor: New Essays on Canadian Theatre, Volume 5

T. Berto

Yvette Nolan and Rick Knowles, eds. Performing Indigeneity: New Essays on Canadian Theatre, Volume 6

Bethany Hughes

Marie-Christine Autant-Mathieu and Yana Meerzon, eds.The Routledge Companion to Michael Chekhov

Dassia N. Posner

Heather Davis-Fisch, ed. Canadian Performance Histories and Historiographies: New Essays on Canadian Theatre, Volume 7

VK Preston