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Call for Papers: Theatre Research in Canada/Recherches théâtrales au Canada 42.1 (May 2021): General Issue (Deadline: June 2020)

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Theatre Research in Canada is seeking submissions for our next
general issue on topics related to Canadian theatre and
performance, both historical and contemporary, in national,
international, and transnational contexts. Papers with a focus on
Indigeneity and decolonization, on migration, and on trans- or
non-binary experience in Canadian theatre and performance are
especially welcome at this time.

TRIC/RTAC is Canada’s only peer-reviewed journal with an explicit focus on Canadian and Québécois theatre in both official
languages. We publish original studies of all aspects of theatre
production, as well as theoretically grounded studies of individual dramatic works and performance texts. The journal also welcomes and encourages submissions on performance studies topics, including: the performance of everyday life; the
performativity of race, gender, class, and other identity
categories; and the performance of nation or community through public acts or spectacles (to name but a few).

TRIC/RTAC remains dedicated to supporting research that
explores First Nations theatre and performance cultures in
Canada, as well as those of other historically disadvantaged social groups.

For detailed submission guidelines see: https://tricrtac.ca/en/for￾authors/.

Submissions should be sent to our tric.rtac@utoronto.ca. Queries
may be sent directly to the General Editor, Kim Solga, at

To be considered for publication in our next general issue, please submit your paper no later than 1 June 2020.

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