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Introduction: Festivals
Ric Knowles

Présentation: Pleins feux sur les festivals
Ric Knowles


Transformational Kinstellatory Relations and the Talking Stick Festiva
Lindsay Lachance and Selena Couture

Roots, Routes, RUTAS
Natalie Alvarez

Art for Everyone? Mush, Multiculturalism, and the Prismatic Arts Festival
Brittany Kraus

A Small Festival for Small People: The WeeFestival as Advocacy
Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

Making Knowledge/Playing Culture: Theatre Festivals as Sites of Experiential Learning
Antje Budde and Sebastian Samur


Majdi Bou-Matar’s Impact: An Examination of the IMPACT Festival and its Survival in the Waterloo Region
Andrew Houston

Edgy + Hysteria: Not Like Sisters, or How Montreal’s Edgy Women and Toronto’s Hysteria Festivals Got It On Across Space and Time
T.L. Cowan, Miriam Ginestier, and Moynan King

Ecology and Site-specificity in Festival Production: A Conversation with Laura Nanni
Laura Levin

“Festival Sites: The Civic and Collective Life of Curatorial Practice”: An Interview with Deborah Pearson and Joyce Rosario
Keren Zaiontz

Book Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Jacqueline Petropulos, ed. Linda Griffiths, New Essays on Canadian Theatre, Volume 9
Tonya Rae Chrystian

Natalie Alvarez, Immersions in Cultural Difference: Tourism, War, Performance
Tracy C. Davis

Laura Levin and Marlis Schweitzer, eds. Performance Studies in Canada
Kelsey Blair

Julie Burelle, Encounters on Contested Lands. Indigenous Performances of Sovereignty and Nationhood in Québec
Martha Herrera-Lasso González

Ric Knowles, Performing the Intercultural City
Charlotte McIvor

Irena R. Makaryk and Kathryn Prince, eds., Shakespeare in Canada: Remembrance of Ourselves
Wes D. Pearce

Peter Dickinson, C.E. Gatchalian, Kathleen Oliver, and Dalbir Singh, eds., Q2Q: Queer Canadian Theatre and Performance: New Essays on Canadian Theatre, Volume 8

Xavia A. Publius Kirsty Johnston, Disability Theatre and Modern Drama: Recasting Modernism
Jessica Watkin