Theatre Research in Canada/Recherches théâtrales au Canada (TRIC/RTAC) is Canada’s only peer-reviewed journal with an explicit focus on Canadian and québécois theatre in both official languages. As such, it provides a necessary forum for the dissemination of scholarly research that uses the full range of critical approaches applied to the study of theatre as a multidisciplinary art, in the context of the cultures of Canada and Quebec.

TRIC/RTAC remains committed to its long history of publishing original studies of actors, playwrights, directors, designers, theatre companies and buildings, theatrical genres, festivals, and other large-scale performances, as well as theoretically-grounded studies of individual dramatic works and performance texts. It likewise continues to play an active role in broadening the parameters of theatre scholarship in Canada, through engagement with multi- and interdisciplinary research; studies of specific cultural groups and intercultural exchange; investigations of new and emergent technologies in Canadian design and performance; and explorations of theatricality and performativity beyond the traditional contexts of theatre and drama.

Drawing inspiration from the recent emergence of performance studies as an important cognate discipline, the journal encourages submissions that address such topics as the performance of everyday life; the performativity of race, gender, class, and other identity categories; and the performance of nation or community through public acts or spectacles (to name but a few).

TRIC/RTAC remains dedicated to supporting research that explores First Nations theatre and performance culture, as well as the history of other historically disadvantaged social groups.

TRIC/RTAC is owned and published by the University of Toronto through the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies (formerly the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama). Since its founding, it has also been the official publication of the Canadian Association for Theatre Research/Association canadienne de la recherche théâtrale (CATR/ACRT) and all association members receive a subscription to TRIC/RTAC.